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This book has received a LOT of press attention. I am currently booking speaking engagements for this unique Upstate New York book!The stories, the people and the places highlighted in this book will make you re-discover what a fantastic place Upstate really is!  Order this book from Amazon.

"Upstate Uncovered" will take you to 100 fun and unusual sights to see in Upstate New York"
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A fascinating trip around Upstate New York exploring little known museums!  Hear the story of the Cheese Museum, the Kazoo Museum, the Bottle Museum, the DIRT Museum, the Jell-O Museum and many more. Now in its second printing this is one of my most popular books.  I have given nearly 100 presentations around the state on this book alone.  Drop me an email...I would love to come and entertain your group with these great (and little known) stories.
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What a fun travelogue!
100 communities picked at random!  What a fantastical journey around Upstate this is.  TONS of interesting facts, factoids and trivia.  Many photos too!  Makes a great gift to the Upstater in your family!  $25 (plus $3.00 S/H. this is a big book!), comes inscribed as you wish.  To order email me at

 "Great Graves" takes a fascinating look at the lives (and deaths) of 70 legendary Americans who (for one reason or another) ended up being buried in Upstate New York! And what a list...Mark Twain, Kate Smith, Harriet Tubman, B.F. Goodrich, writer James Fenimore Cooper, Helen Hayes, both Wells and Fargo, the real "Uncle Sam," Lucille Ball, Rod Serling, John Brown, 4 US presidents, a Kentucky Derby-winning horse and the most famous one-legged tap dancer in the world!  Plus many, many more.  From West Point to Lake Placid to Syracuse to Buffalo and all points North, South, East and West......"Great Graves is an amazing and fun journey across the great expanse of Upstate New York in search of history!"
Email your order for this book now at ($25; free S/H).
"Upstate New York: History Happened Here!" takes a light look at 25 significant and insignificant people, places and event that have made Upstate a place where history happened.  Find out about a tragic Dutch ship disaster in Albany, the birthplace if the ice cream sundae, Robert Goulet's final concert after a fifty year career, the US Army's very first cavalry charge, the famous "Flight of Five," the only Jewish refugee camp in America during World War II and many more historic footnotes to the region of Upstate New York.  The author has spoken extensively on this book throughout the region."  Email your order now at ($16.99 with free S/H).  All books come inscribed and autographed by the author.
Over 3,000 copies sold!

"My Town is a Cathedral: My Memories of Sidney" is a nostalgic look at growing up in Smalltown USA in the 1950s and 1960s.  The author's memoir takes us through a youth spent in little Sidney, New York.  While place specific, "My Town is a Cathedral" will ring true to all Baby Boomers from other small towns across America.  The ice cream parlors, the swimming holes, the disasters, the "old timers," the five-and-dime, favorite (and not so favorite!) school teachers, the hometown parades and more.  This successful book is a snow-globe of black-and-white memories that will be sure to please all ages.  I mean, after do remember "kick the can" don't you?  To email your order contact ($25).  All books come inscribed and autographed by the author.

A TASTE OF UPSTATE NEW YORK is my best seller!  The unique and unusual and oh so tasty foods of Upstate New York!  You will be amazed what I found!@  Order this book today from Amazon!!

Chuck D'Imperio is one of Upstate's most "in demand" public speakers.  With more than 40 presentations annually, his audiences enjoy his stories of the region, its people, events and folk tales.  His talks are lively, thoughtful, fascinating and always a LOT OF FUN!  To schedule the author to come and visit your historical society, organization, library or meeting contact him at  You won't be disappointed.....
I love this letter I received following a book talk at the Mohawk Valley Business Women's Network in Utica, N.Y..  Especially the line that reads (last paragraph):
"I expect to get comments about the programs being too long, and this is the first time I have ever gotten comments that the program was not long enough!
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